lundi 21 juin 2010

Nouveau Projet Européen (NMP): SAFEPROTEX

High-protective clothing for complex emergency operations (SAFEPROTEX)

Description du projet

The idea that constitutes the basis of the proposed project is to address the main issues that currently limit the wide acceptance of protective garments, i.e. protection against multiple hazards, extension of the life-cycle of protective garments, physiological comfort and mechanical parameters. Overall, the proposed research activities aim at addressing the complex risky conditions met in various types of emergency operations, e.g. during accidents involving the threat of chemicals, extreme weather conditions (flood, wind storms, hail etc), small scale fires, or combinations of those. The manufacture of three prototypes is provisioned.

In order to achieve these objectives, progress beyond the state of the art is required in a variety of fields. In fact, the project is highly multidisciplinary and requires developments in diverse areas such as polymers science and technology, polymers processing, new additive master batches development and fiber spinning, nanotechnology, plasma technology, sol-gel technology, smart thermo-regulating materials, microencapsulation, ergonomic garment design, etc. The major innovations regard, but are not limited to, the development and application of specific functionalizing materials, capable of providing multiple protective functions. More specifically, the main materials to be examined include layered silicates, carbon nano-tubes, alkoxysilane primers, chromic materials, antimicrobial microspheres, etc.

Détails concernant le projet
Acronyme du projet: SAFEPROTEX
Référence du projet: 228439
Date de commencement du projet: 2010-04-01
Durée: 42 months
Coût du projet: 4.22 million euro
Type de contrat: Collaborative Project targeted to a special group (such as SMEs)
Date d'achèvement: 2013-09-30
Status du projet: Execution
Financement du projet: 3.1 million euro

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